Saturday, February 14, 2015

Studio 30

Studio 30, Friday February 13, was an extra long model session day with one pose for about 6 hours, except for short breaks and a potluck lunch.  Fabulous!  Thanks to Kat Sowa for her generous use of the studio at Cathedral Park Place, to all who made this happen and to the other artists who are so inspiring!  I did 3 paintings mostly alla prima.

Ru, our Asian blend young model, wore a Chinese embroidered dress.  In this first painting, 12" x 16", I included twisted twigs, and at first, a large paper lantern.  But later I found the placement and shape of the lantern distracting, and painted it out when I got back to my studio, leaving the paper texture.

The second painting was a portrait of Ru with a simple background, 9" x 12".

Third painting with a green background, 11" x 14", another large lantern was edited out back in the studio. The green adds a meditative quality, to me, as if she is waiting for something.  Spring?

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