Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Amy's Blues

The painting I started of Amy Henderson, of the Geezer Gallery, that I started at Janet Amundson-Splidsboel's Candlelight Studio. Continuing at my studio, I focused on the hats and the dreamy surreal fabrics around her. I was listening to the music of Fellini Film soundtracks, which added elements of whimsy. For awhile, I thought of this portrait as "Amy of the Spirits", as in "Juliet of the Spirits", but now I think of it as "Amy's Blues".

Sunday, December 26, 2010


When it's too cold to paint plein air, a quick prismacolor pencil sketch will do.

Living in the Northwest, any day I can see Mt. Hood is a great day, especially on a bright clear winter day with the snow crisp against a blue sky! Sometimes Mt. St. Helens is also in view, looking like a bowl of soft vanilla ice cream, with its top blown off. But Mt. Hood is my favorite majestic mountain, any day, any season.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Drawings

December in L.A. can be warm and sunny, and I lucked out a few weeks ago when I visited the L.A. County Museum of Art with my brother, Jeremy. We lunched alfresco with a view of the zany Japanese Pavilion by architect Bruce Goff, then headed to see German Expressionists and other 20th Century European art. I sketched ink drawings by George Grosz and viewed a video of him drawing one of his fat, bald men. I was especially challenged by an oil painting by Vuillard done in soft tones with no lines.

Back in Portland, I drove through rain and snowflakes to Janet Amundson-Splidsboel's studio, where the model was Amy Henderson, founder of the Geezer Gallery. The word "geezer" was selected to improve perception of older people. The gallery not only supports older artists by exhibiting their art, but also contributes to art therapy and other programs. Amy is not a "geezer" in any sense of the word, and looked lovely in her hat and flowing blouse.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall Figures

As the weather turns cold and drizzly, my attention has turned from painting plein air to the human figure. I'm drawing and painting from various sources to study different aspects of figures: movement, line, expression, form. I went to a show of bellydancers and sketched the dancers as they moved, silky costumes flowing to exotic music. At the Art Canvas Cafe, I painted a quick study of a clothed model before settling in for a more detailed painting, then decided I liked the expressive fluid lines of the sketch better. From a book on Gustav Klimt, I copied as faithfully as possible a portrait of Sonja Knips, soft and romantic. At the Hipbone Studio, spent several hours doing pencil studies of a nude model, and several paintings done in thirty minutes each. Finally, a "doodle" made from random brushstrokes to test paint colors turned into an abstract painting, then became an imaginary profile.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Art Media Show

The 10x10 "Think Outside the Box: Think Inside the Frame" show is at Art Media at 902 SW Yamhill, NOT Muse Art. The opening reception is on Friday, November 12, 6-8 pm. I submitted a tranquil landscape instead of this red hot belly dancer. Is she too hot? She may appear in a later show to spice up the landscapes!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Small Treasures

The November Gallery Show of the Oregon Society of Artists is called "Small Treasures" consisting of 6"x 6" panels arranged vertically, four for each artist. I've completed 4, working on a 5th as a last minute maybe substitute, since they're small they get done fast! My theme is "reflections" in water, based on some of the places I've visited lately: Benson Lake on the Columbia Gorge, the creek at Reed College, the pond at Laurelhurst park. The show opens on Halloween, Sunday October 31, 1-4:00pm, and closes December 3. All will be priced reasonably for holiday gifting!

Also this month I will have one 10" square landscape painting on view at Muse Art downtown Portland at 10th & Yamhill, reception Friday November 12, 6-8pm.

Working on more landscapes in acrylic, experimenting with adding collage as texture, some small studies of reflections and some larger and brighter to cheer me up on gray days. If the drizzle lets up, I'm going outside in search of Fall color!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Three Shows

Early Fall has been a busy time for me. On Saturday, September 25 I went to Hood River with John for the Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2010 "Quick Draw". That meant completing paintings and delivering them by 2:30, then showing up for the reception at 6:00pm. In between, we relaxed in the sun next to the Columbia River. I did not win an award for my painting of "The Yellow Blouse", but I enjoyed the experience and meeting other artists.

Friday October 1st I set up two paintings at Umpqua Bank for the Johnson Creek Art Show, and the next morning I brought seven paintings to U.S. Bank to display for a month. And I'm still getting out to paint plein air while the weather holds.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Canvas

The Canvas Art Bar & Bistro is a haven for artists to get together and work from live models, while enjoying music, food and drink in downtown Portland. They even provide easels and art materials for use or sale so all you have to do is show up! So far, the models have been young, female, pretty, costumed. "Chelsea" wore a black feathered hat that gave her a wild appearance. I used a limited palette of acrylics, although sometimes I draw in pencil or ink. To check out their website, see http://www.thecanvaspdx.com/.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is my painting done plein air at Tideman Johnson Creek, to be submitted for the Johnson Creek Art Show at Umpqua Bank in Sellwood, on Friday October 1st 6-9 pm.


I'm participating in several events in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland this month.

On Saturday, September 18, I will be painting plein air along with Marcia VanderSchaaf at the Love Art! Gallery in Sellwood near antique shops and Oaks Park between 11:00 and 1:00 pm. If you're an artist, come and join us! If you love art, come and join us! There will be music, too, and the gallery is filled with wonderful things, inside and out. Love Art! is located at 8036 SE 13th Ave., Portland, OR 97202, see www.facebook.com/LoveArtGallery.

Also this month, I'm painting at several locations along the Johnson Creek watershed to raise awareness of this natural resource flowing through Portland. The Johnson Creek Watershed Council is hosting a one day exhibit of plein air paintings at Umpqua Bank in Sellwood on Friday, October 1st 6-9 pm. Umpqua Bank is located at 7831 SE 13th Ave., Portland 97202. I have recently visited Tideman Johnson Park, painting included, and hope to get to other locations in Gresham, Leach Botanical Garden, Reed Canyon and Crystal Springs. It's great to discover natural beauty to close to home and to express its inspiration.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On a sunny day at the end of August, went plein-airing with my artist friends Marcia VanderSchaaf and Vicki Zimmerman. We set up at the quiet beach at Dabny Park, off the old Columbia River Highway. As the light changed the colors of sky, trees and water, we struggled to capture the serene beauty of this place.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


It was a sensational, sunny day on Friday August 13th at the Sauvie Island Farm, and a lucky day for painting. I risked sunburn by setting up my plein air in the middle of the field to get close to the sunflowers.

The flowers are aptly named "Summer Sensation"!

It is a bit daunting to attempt painting sunflowers without thinking of Van Gogh, but I did my best to capture their sunny essence.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Art in the Heart of Multnomah Village

"Art in the Heart of Multnomah Village" is a juried mixed media show sponsored by Portland Parks & Recreation. The opening reception is Friday, August 6, 7-9pm, and the show runs through August. The Center is located at 7688 SW Capitol Highway, Portland, Oregon and hours are Mon - Fri 9 am-9:30 pm, Saturday 9 am-12:30pm.

I have one painting, "Window Shopping" on view. Of course, window shopping is one of my favorite activities and I think this painting captures the spirit of a mysterious shop window with promises of exotic treasures from around the world. Don't ask me to translate the Chinese calligraphy, I just interpreted what I could see. I hope it means, peace, love, have a nice day!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello Yellow

The canola fields near Mountaindale were a brilliant, almost surreal yellow in mid June when I visited with some plein air pals. Canola is related to the mustard plant and has similarly hued flowers, and the "heart healthy" oil is derived from it. Next to the blue sky, hills and green trees, the yellow was a treat for my artist eyes.

Now I'm painting lavender and planting my garden for future paintings of luscious veggies and sunflowers.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

This year I have several paintings on exhibit in the big tent at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts at the Lakewood Center for the Arts. There is so much wonderful art there, as well as music, food, wine, crafts and sunshine! It's this weekend, June 26 and 27. I especially recommend the juried show "Luminous" exploring contemporary encaustic.

These are two of my acrylic plein air paintings at the exhibit, look for cool, shady views of Oregon greenery.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bipartisan Cafe

After a wonderful, sunny day painting colorful fields near Mountaindale, we relaxed at a local cafe for coffee and sketching of neighboring patrons.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

River Rocks!

These four 6" x 6" acrylic paintings of river rocks, based on a trip to the Sandy River, were recently on exhibit at the Village Gallery of Arts in SW Portland. The entire gallery was filled with 6" square paintings like a patchwork quilt!