Thursday, January 23, 2014


Quick figure drawing at Hipbone Studio is excellent practice in observation. Studies are like playing scales on a musical instrument.  My instruments were pencil for one minute - 15 minute sketches, then oil paint for 30 minute poses.  Most were nude, featuring Jennifer's red hair and pale skin, but I especially enjoyed the costumed pose with colorful blouse, ruffled skirt and black boots.  These are two of the three 30 minute poses, both on canvas.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

cat nap

I was covering up an old acrylic painting, just to cover it up, with no subject in mind for a new painting when I saw my cat, Scooter, blissfully sleeping on top of the file cabinet.  Cats are geniuses for finding comfort in the oddest places, but they are terrible models because they move just when you want them to be still!  So I quickly started an alla prima painting and grabbed my camera just in time to capture his curled up position, and used the photo to complete.
Cat Nap is 10" x 10", in acrylic.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Studio 30

Another fantasy model at Studio 30 with dramatic face paint, Mimi was based on "The Black Swan", but I painted her more like "The Kiss of the Spider Woman"!  The lower photo was taken in the studio (was it really that red?), then I worked to soften her expression to be less scary.  The background reminds me of the winter sunset from my walk a few afternoons ago.  "Mimi" is painted in oil, 12" x 16".