Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 14 & 15

Chihuahua Mix, oil 9" x 12" canvas board, $135
Don't get me wrong, I'm a cat person, not a dog person.  Don't like getting barked at or slobbered on!  But I make an exception for cute, little dogs.  Walking in the neighborhood, I came across a man with two adorable little dogs, so asked what they were.  He said "chihuahua mix", but they might have been part wiener dogs, or papillon, or just furry little mutts enjoying their walk in the sunshine.  They were so frisky, taking a photo was tricky, just got this one.

Jennifer in Torn Jeans, oil 9" x 12" canvas board $135
Lat night's painting was a remake of Jennifer, who I painted a few years ago at Janet Amundson-Splidsboel's Candlelight Studio, in acrylic.  I felt that painting did not capture Jennifer's youthful beauty and wanted to try again in oil.

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