Thursday, December 22, 2011


Two paintings developed from the William Park workshop. For the less successful ones, the choices are to just keep on going to develop or "fix" it, paint over it to become something else, or save it as a reminder of your learning process. I did a complete paint over of one of the paintings of a river based on a value study by Celeste Bergin posted on her blog. Hers was mainly in grays and vertical, I used a horizontal format and added warm and cool colors. The layers are mostly thin glazed layers, with some of the color and texture of the original painting showing through.

The eye peeking through a veil was started on the first day of the workshop. At first there were abstract lines and shapes, a round form became an eye, and a bit of blue was added. Other layers gradually transformed it. It reminds me of a dream of a bride with a veil, torn Japanese paper collages, the misty waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge, rain.

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