Saturday, December 3, 2011

Full Circle

There was great creative energy last night at 640 SE Stark. Full Circle Gallery and the Artichoke Gallery showed a variety of interesting things including intricate carved philosophical jigsaw puzzles, found object jewelry, hair jewelry, painted plates, paintings of all subjects and media on different surfaces. Next door, a large mural was being created to music and changing colored light, and when I realized that all were invited to join, I grabbed a big brush and made big strokes of color. Full Circle has come full circle and will close at the end of December, so this is the last show. Jim Orman will continue to make his wood furniture, Elaine Treadwell has her own art projects, June Underwood continues with her amazing paintings. I wish them much success and happiness! Come by during this month for holiday shopping, to see my paintings or just to see a wonderful space at 640 SE Stark, Portland.

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