Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hillsboro Plein Air

Spent two days plein air painting in Hillsboro. Yesterday I went to the Jackson Bottom Wetlands with vast views of meadows spotted with poles with attached birdhouses for all types and sizes of birds and bats. I did not notice many birds but did spot a deer in the middle of the field! The weather was perfect, then got a bit hot, then hotter. I had to takes shade breaks. There is always something with plein air, bugs, weather, my easel falls over, I get hungry, etc! But that is just part of the challenge, and incidental to why we do it. It just is the best way to experience reality and nature and really be there. I thought about all that this morning as I drove back to Hillsboro looking at the very cloudy sky and wondering how we were going to paint costumed models in the rain. There were tents, and the drizzle was not an issue!

Above are my two paintings of Birdhouses at Jackson Bottom Wetlands, and Two Girls in the Park. Ok, one of the girls is missing her head but I liked what the shape did for the composition.

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