Sunday, January 1, 2017


 Dairy Creek 
Cat in the Window (first print)
Cat in the Window (color added)
In early December, I attended a monotype demonstration by artist Wliiiam Park, followed by a workshop and exhibition at OSA (Oregon Society of Artists).  Materials were provided by Gamblin Paints, there was
paper, a press and everything needed to experiment in this medium, new for me.  Dairy Creek was done in a two stage process.  First the image was put down on plexiglass in black sticky ink, then rubbed and scraped away to reveal the white areas.  A second layer of color was put down on top after running through the press.  I used my favorites thalo blue and green.  The cat in the window shows the first stage in black and white.  Later I added a bit of red and yellow to suggest the lights outside.  It is now the property of the office manager at OSA, hope she enjoys it!  

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