Friday, June 10, 2016

Plein air

Hartman Pond, oil 9" x 12"

Painting plein air at Benson Lake Recreation Area in the Columbia Gorge, I set up my easel next to Hartman Pond.  The day was partly sunny, not hot, with a cool breeze that riffled the water and blew off my hat. Logs across the pond make good fish habitat, and there were several people fishing off the pier.  The pond is between the railroad tracks and nearby highway, yet it was peaceful.  

Creekside Trees, oil 9" x 12"

After a quick lunch, I turned around and painted the trees between the pond and the creek that comes from Wahkeena Falls, a gentle trickle on its way to the river.  Cottonwood pieces of white fluff were tossed by the breeze.

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