Monday, July 28, 2014

Paint out at the coast!

Last week I went to the central Oregon coast, to Rocky Point State Park, with artist friends to join in the annual Eric Sandgren coast paint out.  Although I did not attend the workshop, artists were invited to join in at the selected locations.  There were painters all over the place among fabulous views of rocks, trees and surf.  The sounds of the waves were hypnotic, and the weather was perfect, not hot or cold, although the wind did knock my easel over once.  C'est la plein air!  My first painting was an overview including the changing sky and foreground with wildflowers.  I noticed a large rock that reminded me of the profile of the Sphinx, later he/she became more of a meditating Buddha, so I painted a second 11" x 14" canvas, called "Meditation on Rocks and Sea".

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