Saturday, February 8, 2014


Working on portraits in my home studio during snowy days, still in the American Indian mood, inspired from the last Studio 30 model in the Black Foot dress, and a book of photos by Edward S. Curtis.  The woman's portrait is in acrylic, started awhile ago at Studio 30 but unfinished.  I added features from a photo and some imagination.  Later I did some pencil studies from the Curtis Native Americans, and made a portrait in oil of an Apache man.  The textures of acrylic and oil are so different, and seen in reality, the oil painting is so much more vibrant.  Still, there are advantages and pleasures in different media.  The acrylic portrait is dry while the Apache in oil will have to wait patiently before he goes anywhere.  I will also wait patiently for the snow and ice to go away before I venture out.

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