Monday, July 30, 2012

Plein air

I've been to the downtown park blocks several times recently to paint, once at the lively Wednesday Farmers Market, and returned on Saturday, a cooler day, for another view of the Shemanski Fountain, with the classic beauty of Rebecca at the Well.  Both days were full of color, light, people, trees, architecture and sky.  I enjoyed comments from passersby, like the seven year old boy in an Obama tee shirt who told me that he wanted to be a famous artist when he grows up (me, too)!  Not all artists appreciate being distracted from their art work.  On Saturday, my friend Vicki approached an unknown artist and was told " I'm here to paint and that's it, so please leave me alone!"  If you see me outside painting, anywhere, feel free to say hello!

Both paintings are 11" x 14" on canvas board.

The California Impressionist exhibit at Portland Art Museum is well worth a trip downtown.

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