Saturday, June 4, 2011

Taco Pedaler in the Park

I went to the park downtown on a recent, rare sunny day to see fountains, sculptures, bridges across the Willamette and preparations for the Rose Festival. While photographing the famous Elk Statue, I was drawn to a taco cart. There were two pedal carts with bright yellow bicycle frames and blue umbrellas and I snapped a photo of the whole scene including one of the vendors standing in a jaunty posture with her hands in the pockets of her frayed blue jeans. Later, I decided that I liked the image of the young, jaunty taco pedaler and painted her portrait on top of my previous view of the whole scene, allowing for happy "accidents" of colors and shapes.

Update: the taco pedaler, one of two partners with authentic carts from Mexico, has been located and her parents now are the owners of this painting!

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