Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring grays

Happy first day of Spring! There are a few signs meekly coming out, but mainly there has been a lot of gray. Studying gray tones is a great exercise and is the foundation for painting in color with correct values. I watched a video on drawing in values with black pastel with my friend Marcia Vander Schaaf, then went into her back yard to draw. I saw grayish dead leaves, rocks with bits of green moss, a stone bunny sculpture suggesting life, bits of greenery poking out along with a few purple crocuses. In my pencil drawing, it's easy to leave out the color.

For my painting, I wanted to add something more alive, a bird or squirrel? Then I saw the wonderful collection of cat paintings on Art on Broadway in Beaverton, and of course, I am a cat lover, so that was it. I mixed grays with red, green, blue, yellow, no black, for richer tones and let a bit more green come through in places. Sketches can be done quickly in cold weather and I like the feeling of freedom to interpret and change that I get instead of relying on too literal photos.

Next time, more color!

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  1. Great drawing and painting Stephanie. I really enjoy the strong contrasts in the painting with the cat. The cat looks intent on something, like there is a mouse there too. :) The "lack of color" gives it an additional richness.